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Monday, April 12, 2004
Local Mowing Service

If you live in Naperville, own a home, an apartment building or an office building, but don't have the time to mow your grass, write me (Tom) at NaperBlog*@*yahoo*.com* (remove asterisks) and we can schedule a pricing appointment.

Here's a list of services and average residential prices.

(NOTE: 30 May 04 - Reduced pricing through 15 Jun 04)

--Mowing (Mulched): Most home lots $20, most residential corners $25, trimmed.

Bagged: + $10, + $12.

There is an Additional Charge for higher grass.

– Edging: Not available at this time.

--Spreading Seed, Fertilizer or Weed -N-Feed:

Yours: $7

Mine: $7 + (Cost + $5).

– Spreading Mulch:

Yours: $1 - $2 per bag

Mine: $1 - $2 per bag + (Cost + 10%)

– Light Planting Service also available.

Cash only except . . .

Checks accepted only if paying at least one month in advance. Service begins when check clears.

Discounted rate for twice weekly mowing.

10% discount for paying a month at a time.

25% discount for paying three months at a time.

Receipt on request.

Most services will be completed prior to 11 AM Monday - Friday.
Sunday, January 25, 2004
Maybe be restarted soon
Thursday, October 09, 2003

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